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When You Hurt

Being in high school, college, or a new career is challenging. You are navigating a new season which can feel lonely. This can create overwhelming anxiety and sadness. It can take a toll and slowly things begin to fall apart. You have less motivation and productivity suffers. This makes it hard to get caught up or even communicate. In these moments, we tend to isolate, feel lost and get irritable. It just spirals downward from there. The season hurts and no one understands. You need a space to reflect and learn new ways to think and feel with greater awareness and effective tools.

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How We Heal

I take a client centered approach and work collaboratively with you and your family to work toward improved mood, clearer communication, better boundaries, and increased self-confidence. I incorporate an effective method called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy into our discussion to reveal old patterns of thinking and feeling that are hurting you. Together, we look at the root reasons for these patterns and learn new methods to think. I also integrate faith and the importance of identity. We bring you into the greatest version of yourself to fulfill your purpose.  Whether you have tried therapy before or this is your first introduction, it is a worthy pursuit and you are worth the effort.


Teens & Families
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Ashley Cox LMFT

Hi, I'm Ashley Cox.

I’ve helped adolescents, young adults, and their families to heal and grow for the past 10 years. I primarily work with young women coping with anxiety, high performing stress, low self-esteem, codependency, and/or relational conflict.

I take a client centered approach founded in my Christian faith, and work collaboratively with the client and family to improve mood, clearer communication, better boundaries, and increased self-confidence. I take the lead from you and focus on your goals.

I use a variety of methods such as EMDR, Family Systems, CBT, and more. I hope we will be able to work together and you will get to walk into a more vibrant you!


Ashley Cox
M.S., LMFT #91052
Founder of Vibrant Outcomes Counseling


- 22 yo college client

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“I started working with Ashley at the beginning of my freshman year and received so much support and genuine care from her throughout all four years. She helped me through the “everyday problems” such as roommate conflicts and stress from school and tests but also guided me through deeper issues such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, sexual assault, and more.

There was not a single session where I did not feel heard by Ashley. She also made a point to pray with/and for me at the beginning and closing of each session and oftentimes went over our allotted time to make sure our time together was not rushed.

I am beyond grateful for the wisdom and love she poured into me for so many years and I would refer her to anyone. She truly will meet you on whatever path you are on and be alongside you for your journey wherever that takes you!“

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